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Switching to a new Customer Relationship Management platform should be a stress-free experience. XOOI's streamlined approach ensures a fast, cost-effective, and highly tailored transition that empowers your team and enhances your CRM journey. Find out how!

New Feature

Introducing XOOI's groundbreaking automated meeting notes feature! Experience seamless video conferencing with speech-to-text functionality that effortlessly summarizes your meetings into activity notes.

New Feature

Imagine having the power to manage your email communications directly within your CRM platform. XOOI's brand new e-mail Integration empowers users to do just that, and some more! This remarkable new feature offers several invaluable advantages that cater to the needs of modern businesses.

New Feature

But what if the data you need is scattered across multiple systems and databases? That's where XOOI CRM truly shines. With the cross-system reporting feature, you can connect to any system with any database.