Gain greater visibility into your sales operations. Keep tabs on your leads, track your team's performance in real time, and understand all sales data quickly and accurately.


Meeting Solutions

Efficiently schedule, conduct, record, and save meetings directly within your CRM. Collaborate with your team, receive real-time support from other departments, track and analyze meeting keywords all in one place.


Task Managment

Manage teams and tasks remotely. Create, assign, prioritize, and track tasks. Link them to your CRM data to ensure timely delivery, and increase customer satisfaction.


Project Management

Collaborate and share information seamlessly with combined CRM and project management capabilities. Streamline sales and operations on a single platform.

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Let's Digitize Your Business

Yes, XOOI is designed to fully meet your organization's needs. With XOOI, you can manage multiple sales organizations under a single CRM solution. While each organization can access its own data, administrators can monitor all organizations. We make it easy for you to create cross-selling opportunities between your brands. We can help you manage different sales channels through a powerful lead management feature. We can even simplify your work by providing improved collaboration between management and support teams.
Yes, users can organize online meetings with other users. It is a fantastic tool to boost productivity and collaboration.
We will take care of your data migration. We also help clean and organize your data as an added benefit.
Yes! XOOI mobile app is available on both iOS and Android platforms and offers a user-friendly experience for all its features, no matter your purpose of use.